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Here is the latest video released by Data Recovery Lab. It explains how you can deal with a data lost situation and where you can get help. Also you visit Data Recovery London Lab for more detailed information.

Recovering data from a hard disk is not always an easy task. For a successfull data recovery, you need to seek help from a data recovery specialist company. Normally, an IT technician will not be able to help, but they can recommend a good data recovery company. In this video, we explain how the process of data recovery works. Data Recovery Lab senior technician explains different approaches towards data recovery. This is part 1 of our data recovery videos. In part 2, we will explain how you can avoid loss of data and protect your photos, E-mails, documents and company database. See the video here.

Also you visit Data Recovery London Lab for more detailed information.



Hard Drive RW Heads and Actuator

When we say we are in the business of making people happy, we do not exaggerate by any measure. Just 2 weeks ago, we had a photographer who had stored all his high quality raw images on a 1TB hard drive which had just decided to stop working. He was obviously upset and devastated to find out that his master photos collected over a lifetime, had just evaporated in the air. He was begging us to assure him that something could be done to restore his beloved photos. Just before that, a documentary producer had lost his entire collection of recent work he was finalising for one of his clients. His strict deadline meant that without recovering his video clips, he would be unable to meet the strict deadline set by one of his major clients; a deadline he could never afford to miss. It has become all too common a scene in which extremely upset and sometimes crying students who have lost the only copy of their dissertation or coursework, come to us for help. It isn’t just individuals who lose their valuable data because of their carelessness not to back up their data on a regular basis. We quite often see company executives whose laptops are maintained regularly by their dedicated IT staff, coming to us to recover data which was lost just before it was scheduled to be backed up. All these people have one thing in common: a strong feeling of frustration and sense of loss which is extremely painful. At some point in our lives, all of us have had this feeling in different ways: losing a loved one, losing a golden opportunity, losing a bag and so on. The trouble is that in most of these cases it is almost impossible to recover any of these losses.

Man oveshadowed by technology

Man oveshadowed by technology

The problem gets a bigger dimension when we realise how dependent on technology we are. It is interesting to note that it is not just computers that use hard drives for storing and processing data but mobile phones, game consoles, video cameras, photo cameras, MP3 players, iPODs, sound recorders, satellite receivers, medical equipment, aircraft and even cars now all use hard drives for storage and fast data access. This dependency has a big negative drawback and that is creating a single point of failure which in this case is the hard drive.

However despite all this doom and gloom, data is arguably the only item that can be lost and found; the digital nature of data storage in electronic equipment enables a data recovery expert to analyze the data container i.e. the hard disk or the partition and work out the best method to restore the data and bring the dead back to life.

HDD: The Bride Sight

It is in doing so, that Data Recovery Lab can make a man or woman who has experienced that sense of loss, happy. The photographer, the filmmaker, the student and the company executive all feel so good when they see that they have found what they thought they had lost for ever. You may have wondered how data recovery company can make people happy. Now you know. Visit Data Recovery London Lab for more information.

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