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Recovering data from a hard disk is not always an easy task. For a successfull data recovery, you need to seek help from a data recovery specialist company. Normally, an IT technician will not be able to help, but they can recommend a good data recovery company. In this video, we explain how the process of data recovery works. Data Recovery Lab senior technician explains different approaches towards data recovery. This is part 1 of our data recovery videos. In part 2, we will explain how you can avoid loss of data and protect your photos, E-mails, documents and company database. See the video here.

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Detecting spyware on your computer is not always as easy as it seems! It is like a burglar claiming that he is your security man. Spyware will show up in your computer warning you of “securty threats”, “windows infected” etc, and then it will automatically start running a fake scan on your computer and give all sorts of scary virus lists and spyware and so on. Listen to our first video which is dedicated to spyware. In our second video we will discuss how you can protect yourself from any infections and security risks. See part I of our Youtube broadcast.

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